Quick Updates

  • I’ve fallen behind on posting – and I am really sorry 😔
  • We’ve officially passed the first quarter of 2016 😱
  • At the end of February, I packed up and drove solo 684 miles south to my new [temporary] home (it was rather last minute both because I decided ..like around the second week of the month, and my brain didn’t really accept that this was what was next until I woke up the morning after my marathon drive) 🙄
  • I’m working on launching a formal freelancing effort (and not just offhandedly mentioning that I’m available to the sprinkle of people I talk to semi-regularly) 😐
  • I’ll be filling you in soon in an  upcoming post (maybe tomorrow Tuesday? ..I’ll definitely post something tomorrow Tuesday) 🤔

You vs. Future You


“You’ve likely made the mistake of thinking future-you will be a lot stronger than your present-you: that future you has unlimited self-control, doesn’t procrastinate, and has boundless energy for all tasks, regardless of how gruelling or boring they will be. ..future-you is also a lot more rested and relaxed than the tired, stressed out version of you that’s reading this..”[1]

It’s interesting how we imagine ourselves to be in the future. Somehow whatever is a problem right now, is magically resolved in the future. We’re more attractive, happier, productive, successful, etc. When we think about our future selves, we see only victory. This can be harmful for at least two reasons. One, we slack assuming that victory is certain or somehow it’ll all just ‘work out in the end.’ Two, it diminishes the value of our present-self and experiences.

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